Thanks for joining me fellow warriors!

If you are here, then I can only imagine that you are someone like me – strong willed and actively making the decision to not let MS beat you!

When I was first diagnosed, I heard the phrase MS Warrior and thought people were joking. I did not feel like a warrior, I felt weak and defeated, and a fragment of my former self. Sometimes I still do (and that’s ok). I did not feel up to the inner battle of my immune system versus my body – and my immune system was winning hands down.

It is years on from my initial official diagnosis and now on medication, I can say that for the most part (on most days), I am winning. I love my life, and I love living with MS. It sounds strange to write that, as when I was diagnosed, that would have been the last thing that I would have ever thought would come out of my mouth. There have been so many positives, including meeting great people, learning life lessons and becoming a much better person as a result of having MS.  I only hope that you are able to find that acceptance and peace too.

When I chose the title of the site, I felt like having MS was a battle – which is why I chose the name MS Warrior. I know there are groups and memes all around the world that reflect a similar sentiment. I felt that I would need to continually battle with the symptoms I have, and that I would never learn to live with MS.  Whilst those symptoms have not gone, somehow they have just become another part of my life. Now, I feel that MS is just one small part of a much bigger picture of me, another string to my bow. I live with MS and it does not define me. Whilst I may keep the name (?), I feel that I have reached a different place (and wanted to update the home page for any newcomers or old-timers alike).

You might find that some of the blogs that are posted on here from 2020 onwards will be relevant to everyone, in particular those with chronic conditions.